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This website is about My Journey, the journey I have been on for the past 70+ years and the journey I have yet to travel. Along the way I have learned many things, seldom via formal education, but most from … Read More

Faith vs Fear

You can’t control everything that is going on around you regarding the Coronavirus but, you can control where your focus is. Now is the time to put our focus on the promises of God and the good that can even … Read More

Creation in the 21st Century

A little over a year ago I discovered a weekly program called, “Creation in the 21st Century“on our Roko TV that is available from, the Trinity Broadcasting Network. It is produced by David Rives who brings creation scientists and … Read More

Giving Voice to Your Dreams

Today is March 1, 2020 and congratulations for surviving the Leap Day yesterday on February 29th. I hope you put it to good use, after all, it’s not often we get an extra day in a month. On 70+ and … Read More


Today while waiting on an oil change for my car at Wal-Mart I recorded this Podcast with my thoughts regarding retirement. I talk about how the idea of retirement was never something that I looked forward to like many others … Read More

Is Climate Change Real?

I believe in Climate Change because I’ve seen it changing all my life. In fact, it seems that no two or three years in a row are the same with regards to rain, snow, heat or cold around our area … Read More

70+ and Podcasting, Episode #1

Here is my first Podbean Podcast that I recorded this week. Short but it worked fine using the Podbean app on my phone. I will be posting more Podcast content here along with other items that I find interesting. Below … Read More