How to Get Customers to Trust Your Ecommerce Business – From Entrepreneur Mag

We all know that we usually only do business with people or companies that we Know, Like and Trust. For local business owners it can be easier but how to get customers to trust your ecommerce business can be a larger question.

Here is a great article from Entrepreneur Magazine that includes an infographic to help layout the process for a new ecommerce start-up to follow.

“Although many people appreciate the convenience and speed of online shopping, they may hesitate to buy from an unfamiliar company.

“Fortunately, ecommerce businesses have several opportunities to win over potential customers. The first opportunity comes when a customer sees one of your advertisements for the first time. It’s crucial to include key information in your ads, such as number of orders shipped, number of customers served and your customer service hours. If you accept PayPal as a payment option, you should mention it.”

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Everybody’s Reachable says Gary Vaynerchuk

Watch this short interview with Gary Vaynerchuk as he talks about how every business person is now in the Media Business. This goes for Local Business Owners as well as those who only run online businesses. If you are not at least using Facebook and LinkedIn to promote and market your business you are going to see your sales drop.

Gary Vaynerchuk is a New York Times and Wall Street Journal Best-Selling author, self-taught wine expert, and innovative entrepreneur. Find more at

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How I Met Jim Rohn

I had the great fortune and pleasure to meet Ricky Rainbolt back in 1983 and he introduced me to his friend and mentor, Mr. Jim Rohn. I often think back on those days hanging with Ricky at his place in Minneapolis where I got to meet and learn from Jim Rohn. So glad we got reconnected Ricky. You are a huge blessing to me and others.

One of the things every entrepreneur and business owner needs is to surround themselves with great mentors. Mentors and leaders who have learned things about life and business that we have yet to experience. We can meet them and learn from them in person, in their books and writings, on the conference stage or from their audios & videos. It is one of THE most important things we can do.


The Internet of Things, Transforming our Lives and Homes

The year 2014 comes with many predictions for this year and beyond and one of the most profound, that is changing the way we live is called the Internet of Things. Devices in our homes, businesses, vehicles and even connected to our bodies that are “smart” meaning they are connected to other devices or systems via the WWW, the Internet.

“No industry and no
corporation worth its salt will be immune
from the effects of the Internet of Things.” Ted Leonsis

Smart House Movie

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Truly the WWW or World Wide Web as we often referred to it back in the mid 1990’s when I first got online and started building websites is taking the next step in the evolution of technology. In his article called, “Big Ideas 2014: A Tipping Point for the Internet of ThingsTed Leonsis talks about how the year 2014 is the year the earth’s “electronic skin” goes mainstream. This sounds like some scary kind of Si-fi stuff, and maybe it is, but with the growing interconnection of smart devices and over 3 Billion Internet users worldwide, this is certainly happening.

How can home builders, remodeling contractors and others in the home services industry take advantage of these new technologies to create environments that customers need and want? We are at a point where just having Internet access along with cool flat panel TV’s and whole home entertainment systems are only a start. Having home security is now moving into monitoring things like your HVAC systems with remote access. Being able to unlock your doors or control other systems when you are away.

According to This Article in CMS Wire, customer support in your business might benefit from things connected to the Internet. “Service and support is one area that shows promise for the Internet of Things and is less encumbered by overt ethical problems. Sure, it’s possible that an embedded service object could be created to do something disturbing such as transmitting information back to the mothership to feed the marketing machine. The difference is that the basic purpose is inherently beneficial.”

Companies like and many others are now marketing to customers who want to take advantage of this wired world.

  • How are you going to help customers who want these devices?
  • Are you keeping up with the new trends in technology?
  • Are you talking about these new features with potential customers.
  • Are they listed on your website?

If you don’t provide products and services with the features that your customers are looking for they will go to someone who will. This is a good time to do some research on how you can cash in on the Internet of Things to grow your business in 2014.


Are You Too Busy To Do Business With?

Too Busy to Do Business WithHave you ever called or stopped by a business where you had a hard time getting anyone to take time to help you or even talk with you? Did you want to ask them, are you too busy to do business with? Sometimes this happens in the best of businesses. If you are a business owner, even on the days when you are the most stressed and tested, you need to keep this question in front of you.

We all have our bad days but if we are not careful our frustration and anger will infect others around us including employees and even our prospects. As a business owner you can’t afford to let this happen. As an employee, you can’t afford to let it happen either.

Are You Too Busy To Do Business With?

You might be today or this week but soon things will slow down and you will be wishing that those prospects would give you another try. If you were too busy to help them when they wanted help they probably will not give you another chance.