Get Patriot Mobile Cell Service

We are Saving 50% Per Month with Patriot Mobile Cell Service

In 2022 we switched from out expensive AT&T cell service plan to Patriot Mobile. With AT&T we were paying over $120/month for our service only (not phone purchases). The coverage was great wherever we traveled but, the costs keep going up.

With Patriot Mobile we are on the 3GB Unlimited Plan that is listed as $35.00/month. They have a discount for veterans so we are only paying $29.75/month for each phone.

You can request service on any of the 3 major US cell carriers. We went with AT&T and installed the new SIM cards for AT&T provided by Patriot Mobile. Our coverage and phone quality are just as good as before but, our monthly phone bill is only about $65.

Patriot Mobile has a Referral Program that can provide you with additional savings each year. If you decide to give Patriot Mobile a try, please just give them my name (Henry Griner) when you are completing your order.