Why You May Not Want to Get The Shot

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A few of our friends and some family members have told us that they have received the COVID-19 “vaccine” shot and some may wonder why we have not.

I’ve had lots of time in the past several months to do my own research regarding COVID-19, what it is and what the vaccine is and does. Perhaps some of you reading this have not taken the time to research the subject as thoroughly as I have. I’m am not a doctor or a scientist and don’t pretend to be. I just think and research before I do things… usually. I guess 71 plus years of living has made me more open to questioning things.

I will share my own opinions along with links to information resources that I have found. Some of the resources will be government links like the CDC, FDA or WHO. Others are from research shared from the wider Internet community and not just the MSM sources that most people hear on TV or read in the newspapers.

The vaccine issue, to me, is the greatest concern because those who decide to take the shot could have long term issues beyond what might happen if they were to get COVID-19.

I’m not sharing this information to start a fight with anyone. I have had many questions regarding this Pandemic and all that goes along with it. The vaccine issue, to me, is the greatest concern because those who decide to take the shot could have long term issues beyond what might happen if they were to get COVID-19.

You are welcome to make comments about what I share here but please: be respectful; think about your response logically and not just based on what your doctor told you to be true or that the state health department said; and finally, don’t use the term “Science” as a shield to hide behind because you disagree with me or you find yourself upset that you already received the shot before doing your own do-diligence.

Below are bullet points on my personal research.

#1 The Vaccine is NOT FDA Approved

SOURCE: https://www.cvdvaccine-us.com/recipients

I question why a virus, which in most cases, has little effect on a healthy person and for those who get sick have a survival rate over 97% requires an Emergency Use Authorization for a vaccine.

“early estimates predict that the overall COVID-19 recovery rate is between 97% and 99.75%.”


#2 They are not acting like vaccines, according to the common definition of a vaccine

“The investigational COVID-19 vaccines were granted emergency use based upon reducing symptoms only and not based upon preventing transmission of SARS CoV2.Once the trials are completed, Moderna October 27, 2022 and Pfizer January 31, 2023, the data will be analyzed and at that time it may be possible to know if either or both vaccine candidates reduce viral transmission. There has never been a situation where a vaccine candidate was rolled out to millions of healthy people under such a bizarre set of facts.” (See this link: https://www.americasfrontlinedoctors.com/wp-content/uploads/AFLDS-10-Facts-Experimental-Vaccine-Cole-4-12-21.pdf )

So these clinical trials, that people around the world have joined in on, will not end until late 2022 or early 2023 or sooner if the Emergency Declarations end sooner?? This makes me think that we have at least another full year or more to go until this “Laboratory Experiment” with our lives is over.

The various versions of the vaccine are only Experimental, and they are not true vaccines as in the common definition. These use what is called mRNA or messenger RNA therapy as a form of Gene Therapy. There is no live or dead COVID-19 virus used in the vaccine. These alter our God given natural immune system.

#3 The experimental vaccine uses new technology never before used in a vaccine

All current and past vaccines use antigens, something the body detects as foreign to us. In total contrast, some of the COVID-19 vaccines use modified RNA to program our cells to make an antigen. Then, after our cells make the antigen, our immune system fights against it.

For the first time, the immune system is trying to attack something our bodies have made. Will the body consider it “self” or “foreign?” This needs to be studied dispassionately and carefully before dispensing to millions of healthy people worldwide. We know autoimmune disease will occur as it always does in some percentage of standard vaccines. But we are concerned it will be in much higher percentages with this new technology.

Understand, you are agreeing to be in a medical study when you take any of the COVID-19 vaccines.


Resources Below for More Complete Information

For the information above I pulled some content from some of my research. If you want to look further you can visit the websites listed below. Read the content, watch the videos and use the information and terms found as a springboard for your own further research if you want to dig deeper.

Our prayer is that whatever you decide in the future or, whatever you have already decided to do, God will protect you and keep you and your loved ones safe as we continue to live and work in this challenging new world.

Other Resources Below

NOTICE: You alone are responsible for the medical decisions you make. I provide the above content for informational purposes only. I make no recommendations to you or anyone who reads this content. If you have questions regarding any of this information I suggest you contact your own doctor.

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