Our Christmas Gift

This past December was a busy and blessed time for our family. Leslie and I had lots of things going on for ministry and work and never had time to think about Christmas gifts for each other. Joanna and family came to visit and Gwen and her boyfriend also were here for a couple days. Finally, after everyone was gone and there was time before a busy January hit, we took some time just for each other and shopping.

One of the places we visited was Hobby Lobby and it was a good thing we did… 50% off on all home goods items. It was fun (yes, even for me) to walk around and look at the cool things we could buy for our home. The plan was to find one or two items for our newly repainted family room.

May Your Journey Always Lead You Home

We did find a couple items for the family room walls and one was the sign above. Every time I walk into that room I look at this and say, YES! I think about that for myself and also for our five adult children and five grandchildren. It means more to me than just our home of 30 years where we raised our family. For me it also means the Kingdom of God, not just my eternal home but the Kingdom that I get to be a part of right now, every day. It reminds me that as a Christian I carry the Kingdom with me wherever I go. It helps to remind me of living up to the example of Jesus Christ who is my Hope of Glory.

So that is the story of my theme name for my newly updated website. May Your Journey Always Lead You Home also.

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