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Henry & Leslie Griner in Vienna 2017

This website is about My Journey, the journey I have been on for the past 70+ years and the journey I have yet to travel. Along the way I have learned many things, seldom via formal education, but most from adventures that I have been on.

I have always had many interests, so many that the idea of working for a lifetime in one vocation never did appeal to me. For most of the past 25 years my interests have involved technology, websites, gadgets and helping people with the online part of their businesses. On this website I plan to use tools that I have taught others to use, along with some new ones that I am discovering, to post stories about life, faith, family, business, government, the environment and other things that I now have time to ponder on.

My prayer for you is, that Your Journey will Always Lead You Home, no matter how far you travel.

I invite you to post your comments and share the stories of My Journey with others.

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