We Love WordPress

I love working with WordPress to build websites for myself and, over the last 12-15 years for many clients also. I no longer actively build websites for clients full-time but I offer Digital Online Consulting work. You can see what I am currently offering when you visit the two websites below.

My updated Mission Springs Marketing, Consulting Business

MSM Instant Webs Hosting – Order Domain Name Registration and build your own website.

The other websites below are my own, built with WordPress.

This is from our BSSM missions trip in 2017 to Austria & Croatia.

This is our Healing and Pastoral Care Ministry site (still in process) for the ministry we do with teams from our church.

At Climate Change Truth my goal is to provide accurate information and news as a Counterpoint to the Fable of Human Caused Catastrophic Climate Change that the political left has been pushing in the United States and many other countries for 30 years.