3 Keys to Prosperity In The New Economy

This morning my friends Ray Edwards and Andy Mason hosted a live YouTube meeting at 5am PT. They are doing these as part of a book launch that Andy is doing for his new bood, “Finding Hope in Crazy Times” that goes live on Amazon this Sunday on Easter.


Ray Edwards and Andy Mason

You can join Ray and Andy each morning live at 5am Pacific time or, watch the replay from the link below if you want to sleep in late.

Andy is reading a chapter a day from his book and they are discusing how God has shown up to bring them peace in the storms that come into our lives. The book is a 30 day devotional that you can read each morning for 10-15 minutes to help start your day on a positive mindset.

Just ten minutes can transform your day, giving you practical wisdom, hope and courage.

The book is available today as a Kindle version and Sunday, April 12th you can also purchase the book in paperback which includes a link to a Free Audiobook that Andy recorded himself.

Here is the link to the YouTube channel for Ray Edwards.

Here is the Amazon link to the Kindle book.

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