USA and World Oil Markets are Crashing

Those who invest in oil futures markets today saw something that no one living has ever seen before.

Oil just did something that made even market veterans shake their heads in wonder — the soon-to-expire May contract for West Texas Intermediate crude on the New York Mercantile Exchange traded, and closed, in negative territory.

“I’m not sure how to react to that other than say that nobody, whether they’re 120 years old or whether they’re 20 months old, has ever seen an oil price lower than this,” Tom Kloza, a 40-year market veteran and head of global market analysis for Oil Price Information Service, told MarketWatch just minutes before the market closed on Monday.


This could cause major movements over the next few days for our US Government, as well as those of other nations, to try to financially hold up the oil supplies and markets. Here is what Mike Maloney said today.

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This term “Oil Armageddon” is not my idea but is what long time market watcher and gold/silver investor Mike Maloney is calling it.

We need to pray that this doesn’t cause the kinds of disorder that many are worried that it will. Our faith is not in Oil, Gold, Silver of the government leaders but… our faith is in God who I don’t think was surprised at all with today’s headlines. Being praying for our President and other leaders to have wisdom and insight needed for the days ahead.

And, May Your Journey Always Lead You Home!

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  • Hi, Henry! I’m Barbara Rankin and I have been following Ray Edwards on his Start the Day with Ray YouTube morning live show for several weeks now. I have seen your name and comments, and I appreciate ythem all so very much. I, too, am a 70+ citizen and am beginning an online presence after raising 3 daughters, and having a career in music. Widowed for 21 years, I have happily had my mother live with me and she is in her 100th year…100 on Aug. 2nd…she is amazing, and but for arthritis pain, she is bright, articulate and full of life…a real inspiration throughout the years for me and everyone who knows her. Thank you for your video about Donald’s Bible. We pray for the President and feel he is being guided by God. We pray for our country, too, and hope a rebirth of faith will happen through this unprecedented time. I look forward to using your resources as I am setting up a WordPress website through Dan Miller’s Eagles group and I’m sure I will need help, but I am growing every day through all of this, even at 72! Bless you, your wife and family and business, and I appreciate your thoughts on all of this. Blessings, Barbara

    • Thanks for dropping by here Barbara and leaving your message, so appreciate you and that you are stepping our of your “old boat” just like Peter needed to as he trusted in Jesus. Glad to know that you are following Ray and Andy. They are both wonderful and inspiring guys. I’m just about to restart my online training classes with my first one coming up later this week. I hope you will join me, perhaps I can share things that build on what Dan Miller is providing for you. You can register for my class at my link. I will be sending out a few emails to keep in contact and let you know when I start the class. God Bless you in your new business, Henry

  • Thank you, Henry, for your kind reply. I’m in Dan’s ongoing Eagles group weekly, and Rob Orr is doing a 4-wk course on websites within that group…2 more left…HA! I’m stuck trying right now, but I will get it…I’m sure I could learn so much from you, and bc we are the same vintage, I would benefit from your course. I’m also doing a bootcamp with Marisa Shadrick on getting a business up online…I’m trying to learn everything I can…I appreciate you sending me the link to your course! God Bless you, too, Henry. I know he already is! Barbara

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