Follow Your Passion

There are people who I have met who God has filled with a passion and calling that attracts others to follow them. These are the people who change lives and often save lives. On the outside they can seem “normal” and even quiet but their hearts are full of passion for God and compassion for the lost and broken.

Susie Weigel

One person that I know who is full of passion and love is my pastors wife and our friend Susie Weigel who along with her husband Dave lead Running for Justice.

Susie works hard every day of the year to organize events to bring people together and educate them on the evils of sex and human trafficking that happens in our own communities. Right now she is working on the next event, “Empowering Our Communities Conference” to be held on March 28, 2020 at the Zimmerman Senior High School.

Please visit the Running for Justice website to learn more about this amazing women and the ministry that she has built out of her Passion for God’s Justice in the world.

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