Episode # 9 God Changed Everything for Bob Willbanks

WHAT IF, what if your plans for you life, education, business, family… what if those plans suddenly all fall apart? What do you do when things all of a sudden fall apart and nothing that you planned for comes to pass?

Today we hear from my friend Bob Willbanks who shares his amazing story of faith and loss. Bob says he was chasing the American Dream of success in many areas of his life. One day he had millions of dollars and the next he was filling for bankruptcy. One day he was married and the next, the marriage was over.

Bob met Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior when he was 8 years old. By the age of 15 he was getting distracted by all that the world has to offer a young man with girls, drinking and money. As he grew up went on to school and got into business the drinking became a bigger issue. He believed he still was a Christian, he had his “fire insurance” so he just moved forward doing what he planned until… he gave up

Today Bob leads a growing Christian Business organization, Ambassadors For Business that is “focused on equipping Christians in business to walk boldly in faith while we connect them to do business together.”

The “New Normal” that we are now encountering with the COVID-19 Pandemic is changing the way people, families and businesses live and operate. Listen to Bob share his story of victory in the middle of failure. Discover the keys that unlocked a better and brighter future for Bob and his second wife and propelled him into his new calling and ministry with Ambassador For Business.

What Bob shares will encourage you to be able to move forward in these very trying times and find fresh hope for a new and better future.

Ambassadors For Business has a growing directory of Christian Businesses all across the United States. You can join for Free and connect with others for encouragement and building your own business. Individuals are also encouraged and welcome to join.

Click on Ambassadors For Business to visit the website.

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