Faith vs Fear

You can’t control everything that is going on around you regarding the Coronavirus but, you can control where your focus is. Now is the time to put our focus on the promises of God and the good that can even come out of this world-wide crisis.

I need to get my focus off all the negative and fear filled news and look to who is for me and who can bring me peace. It is time to begin to declare the promises of God over me, my wife and our children and grandchildren.

I choose to be careful and not fearful. I choose to have faith in Jesus and not fear of the future. I choose to share things of life and not death to encourage others rather than become part of the fear filled conversations.

One of our favorite teachers at the BSSM ministry school was Steve Backlund who always shared with us, “Hopelessness about a Problem is a Bigger Problem that the Problem.” He learned to speak out the Word of God and used positive declarations to totally change the negative mindset that he had for years. You can click on the image below to visit his website to get a good dose of positive encouragement.

I want to encourage you today to ask the Lord what you need to do to be Careful and not Fearful in this crazy time. I pray that the Peace of Heaven would wash over you.

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