Finding Hope in Crazy Times with Andy Mason Episode #8

Today I interviewed my friend Andy Mason the founder of Heaven in Business in Redding, CA. Late last summer Andy and his wife Janine were beginning to see that Andy should begin to write another book. This one would come from their experiences of seeing God provide for them in the most crazy times in their lives, like when they moved to the United States from New Zealand in 2008.

When Andy and Janine started to work on the book last year, they had no idea of the crazy times the world would be seeing when the book goes on sale on Amazon on April 12th Resurrection Day , Easter Sunday but God knew about it.

Listen to Andy share their story of how God was there for Andy and his family and, how God can be there for each one of us as we put or faith and trust in Him. You can join the mailing list on their website and get updated when the book and audio book becomes available. You can download a Free Chapter of the eBook HERE.

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