Today while waiting on an oil change for my car at Wal-Mart I recorded this Podcast with my thoughts regarding retirement. I talk about how the idea of retirement was never something that I looked forward to like many others do.

For whatever the reason, I never did plan to retire like others have done and not work. I have always had many things to keep me busy apart from things that earn me income. Along with my wife Leslie we do lots of volunteer work at church with a couple ministries we started. I also volunteer time with the City of Elk River as a member of the Energy City Commission.

At the beginning of this year I started to see the Lord calling me back to serving others with the skills that I have obtained in the past 20-25 years working in the digital online world helping those in ministries, non-profits and local businesses. I love being creative with WordPress websites, making MS PowerPoint slide presentations and helping to owners with promotion of their businesses online. Too much fun stuff left to do to make plans to retire.

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