Donald’s Bible & Revival History

A friend of mine sent me a link today to the video below. This only takes about 5 minutes to watch however, it may take a person longer to digest their thoughts about what this might mean for us today.

Could it be that God had looked ahead to our time when the world would be in the midst of the greatest plague of all time to affect the whole world. Did the Lord see a need to put a man in the leadership of the United States of America who had family ties back to the Hebrides Revival of 1949? And if so, why and for what purpose or, is it just an interesting coincidence?

In the past few days since I first shared this video from the owner has deleted the video from their YouTube channel. I have a copy of the video which I uploaded to my personal YT channel but it is coded not to run within another website, only on YouTube. Here is the link to my copy which you can click on an view.

Watch, Donald’s Bible

Below are links to background information about Donald Trump’s family history and the Hebrides Revival.

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